Agile Team Kit - Let's Get Started

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 A thoughtfully curated collection of effective stationery and tailor made office supplies for scrum teams, scrum masters, coaches and leaders.

This is the perfect kit to for a wide range of use cases:

  • bootstrapping a team
  • welcoming a new team mate
  • honouring a speakers contribution
  • making a colleague or customer feel valued
  • consolidating Scrum training efforts
  • supporting transitions such as office moves or new working models

The Pro version of the kit includes:

The Beginners version useful for teams new to scrum includes:

Other items available in both versions include:

  • Pocket Scrum Guide based on the definitive text by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland
  • Kick Off Guide to Scrum giving some essential techniques for your first Sprints, including popular techniques that are not covered by the Scrum Guide.
  • 25 ruled A6 250 gsm Pro Index cards in five colours
  • 25 striped printable A6 Pro Index cards in five colours
  • 100g BluTack
  • 3 packs of our Pro Stickies square self adhesive notes in matching colours.
  • 2 Sharpie permanent markers
  • Gridding tape to help set up or iterate your board layout
  • 48 Thank You Stickers to help motivate your peers
  • 210 coloured dots

Please call for bulk pricing and versions targeting your favoured framework and training priorities.