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Software delivery guru Matthew Skelton has assembled a collection of criteria on which teams can self-rate their practices and outcomes. Based on the latest advice from experts and best-selling authors in a range of disciplines, the model defines a set of sixty-six targets in six disciplines. If analyzed with care, the data produced will allow you to step in to support and nurture your culture and practices in a targeted and respectful way.

Matthew Skelton is the author of the hit-book Team Topologies and the founder of Conflux.

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Nurturing your Software Delivery

The success of a modern software delivery effort depends on a broad range of cultural, technical and procedural factors. Efforts to identify what t...

About Matthew Skelton

Matthew Skelton is the co-author of Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology Teams for Fast Flow (IT Revolution, 2019). He has been buil...

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