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Raluca Mitan and Rade Zivanovic invented the Daily Standup Game to help scrum teams perform the daily meetings. Teams learn through repetitive reinforcements to correct behavior and build new habits, encouraging self-organisation. 

Raluca Mitan is an agile coach, trainer, innovator and learner. She supports organisations in their agile journeys and loves to experiment with teams and managers to continuously improve work and make customers happy. 

Rade Zivanovic is an agilist who coaches organizations, teams, colleagues and friends, sometimes even family members and pets (when they tolerate it). He's been working in agile since 2010 and loves it.


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Can we cure the Daily with a Game? By Raluca Mitan and Rade Zivanovic

Some say YES, some say NO, I say give it a try and we’ll find out! The Daily (Stand-Up/Scrum) meeting is for us the most beautiful meeting in Scr...

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Daily Standup Game by Raluca Mitan and Rade Zivanovic
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