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Here's a selection of some of our physical tools for remote working. With teams working from home we'll ship our products directly to your team members with our multi-address delivery option, including splitting decks of multiple player sets as necessary. Just get in touch and speak to one of our awesome human beings!

6 products found in Remote Working Tools

Video Conference Cards (Pack of 20 Visual Cues)
  • From £6.99
Estimation Poker and Agile Ritual Cards for Remote Working
  • From £4.99
Branded Team Kits
  • From £39.99
Hotbox 1 - A compact sturdy storage for your stationery
  • £33.00


Stick Flat Pro Stickies with Square Adhesive (5 Pack)
  • £5.99
  • £4.99
Kudos Postcards - Pack of 12 postcards
  • £5.99