We've partnered with Agilify to bring you some great Agile tools created by Paul Goddard to help  individuals, teams and organisations understand and embrace an agile approach.
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The Sprint Planning Kick-Start


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The Daily Stand-Up Challenge


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The Retrospective Lexicon


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Buy all 3 games for £35 to make a great gift for agile coaches and scrum masters!

MEET Paul at our upcoming event at the agile Games workshop

21st January 2021 | 5pm UK time

The Sprint planning session is the first event that kicks off your sprint. 

Paul Goddard has invented a great game that your teams can play to get into the right mindset to kick-off your planning.

As we all work remotely, there are elements of human interaction that we cannot recreate. Paul's game aims to compensate for some of that lost interaction and creates an environment where your virtual (or in person) planning session can transform into a destination for both creative input and output. 

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30th March 2020

'The Retrospective Lexicon' in lockdown, with Paul Goddard 

5th March 2020

"It takes time to establish safety and expose emotions within a team", Paul Goddard on retrospectives

29th January 2020

World Retrospective Day: Paul Goddard's Retrospective Lexicon 

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