Deliver on time. Deliver well. Look after your teams!

While we are remote, we need not be distant. Get tools to collaborate effectively, drive quality conversations and deliver quality software on time. From planning and forecasting to team health checks, our software delivery tools aim to help you deliver a great 2021!

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Deliver on time

Setting goals and sizing stories helps predict delivery

The Sprint Planning Kick-Start cards

Many teams will be revisiting their objectives in the first quarter, and reminding themselves of their mission. The first few sprint planning sessions are an opportunity to build momentum early.

This deck of warm up exercises are designed to encourage creativity, conversation and a sense of psychological safety. Set the tone with excellent planning sessions from the get go!

Virtual Agile Ritual Cards - Single player set

Estimation Poker, Scrum Poker or Planning Poker are a staple part of life in the office of any agile team. Continue these processes remotely with our Virtual Agile Ritual cards.

A single deck allows one remote worker to:

- give a points score between 1 and  21 in planning sessions 
- select a small / medium / large size
- answer yes / no to a question
- give a red / amber / green rating in your retros

Keep things simple, and low tech in this increasingly complex world.

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Estimation Poker Deck - 6 Player set

There is no better way to collaborate than meeting up and for your planning session.  For those of you who are meeting at work to do their planning, our multi-player decks are also available. 

Cards in these decks are not laminated and are made of cardboard, overprinted with a glossy ink finish. The contrasting textures help colours really pop!

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Deliver well

Threat modeling helps plan the work needed to deliver a secure product

Elevation of Privilege Threat Modeling

A game a Elevation of Privilege is a fun way to identify the work required to deliver a secure system. Play it as soon as you have a whiteboard sketch, or digital schematic available so vulnerabilities can be mitigated as the code is written.

Fully playable in remote contexts with the aid of Croupier, our tool for dealing cards in virtual games.

Cybersecurity Cornucopia

Like Elevation of Privilege, Cybersecurity Cornucopia is a fun way to find out what work is required to deliver a eCommerce website. Once you have a system diagram, this deck will help you identify how your online shop is vulnerable to historic patterns of attack.

Fully playable in remote contexts with the aid of Croupier, our tool for dealing cards in virtual games.

Look after your teams

Effective teams deliver a steady flow of great work

Squad Health Check

As a team starts to deliver, how does a manager know what needs to be improved and what help can they get to decide?

The Squad Health Check process involves identifying around 10 questions or themes for the team to discuss and capturing their sentiment about each theme. The theme "can we release easily?" might elicit responses of "our releases are awesome/meh/crappy" i.e. green, amber and red, the colours of a traffic light.

Our deck contains 6 sets of 3 traffic lights, 11 Theme Cards covering some popular health indicators and 9 blank cards so you can define your own themes.

Multi-team Software Delivery Assessment

The Software Delivery Assessment takes the Squad Health Check a step further and covers additional areas of engineering practices in the same or greater detail, offering more depth and helping managers build a culture with a supportive set of technical practices.. 

Our deck comprises of six themes and 66 success factors. Based on the Multi-team Software Delivery Assessment devised by Conflux, it helps managers support a culture of software delivery while respecting their teams' autonomy and differences.


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