Elevation of Privilege with Privacy Suit

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The Elevation of Privilege card game helps you quickly and easily find and model threats to software or computer systems. This extended edition also helps developers to spot common privacy and data handling errors.

Until now, considering a system from an attackers perspective was hard to wrap your head around. This version of EoP helps you identify attacks within a seven threat framework called STRIPED:

 S Spoofing
T Tampering
R Repudiation
I Information Disclosure
P Privacy
E Elevation of Privilege
D Denial of Service

Because EoP uses a simple point system, you can challenge other developers and become your opponent’s biggest threat.

The game consists of 74 EoP cards representing STRIDE threats, 2 instruction cards, 1 play and strategy flowchart card, 6 reference cards, and an ‘about’ card. The privacy extension includes an 'about' card crediting the game's inventors at LogMeIn and 13 privacy anti-pattern cards.

Try these with our Threat cards to help facilitate scoring and capture the work identified during your EoP session. 

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