Estimation Poker Cards - 6 player deck

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The essential tool for a fast and effective estimation is perfect for scrum or kanban planning processes.

Estimation poker (also known as "Scrum Poker") assigns an arbitrary, relative "story points" score to a piece of work. Over time, teams working on pointed stories will develop their own ratio of points to time. This "velocity" is your team's essential metric for planning and forecasting.

Our packs include six decks of poker cards so your whole agile team can simultaneously assign story points to a story. This forces estimators to think independently. When the poker cards are put down the most popular estimate is probably close but can be momentarily ignored while the team works out why some estimators saw things differently. Focusing on the differences allows the most important information to be shared quickly, and the team can iterate quickly towards consensus. The game helps keep planning sessions focused and productive.

Our cards are illustrated with images of progressively more complex machines, skateboards, cycles, and hoverbikes! This reminds your team that the factor most that influences delivery speed is the complexity involved in each piece of work.

Key features:

  • Each pack contains 6 decks for 6 estimators to each hold cards with values following the Fibonacci series: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21. (6 complete sets in each box)
  • Includes the most used values from the Fibonacci sequence and a coffee break card - for when it all gets a bit much!
  • Simple illustrations hint at a possible meaning for each card, without limiting teams to any specifics.
  • The cards are printed on 330gsm playing card board and come packed in a box
  • Card size: 86 mm x 62 mm
Particulars may vary between batches.


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