Team Kit for Agile

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A thoughtfully curated collection of beautiful stationery and tailor made office supplies for scrum, kanban and agile teams, scrum masters, coaches and leaders.

This is the perfect kit to choose when bootstrapping a team, welcoming a new team mate, honouring a speakers contribution, or making an important customer feel valued.

The kit includes:

  • Estimation Poker card deck with Fibonacci Series cards for 6 players
  • Squad Healthcheck card deck with theme cards and traffic light cards for 8 players
  • Pocket Scrum Guide based on the definitive text by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland
  • 50 ruled A6 250 GSM Pro Index cards in five colours
  • 50 striped printable A6 Pro Index cards in five colours
  • Task pads / memo blocks for recording tasks on durable media
  • 100g BluTack
  • 5 packs of our Pro Stickies square self adhesive notes in matching colours.
  • 1 board marker
  • 1 twin tip permanent marker
  • Gridding tape to help set up or iterate your board layout