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Our serious games are all physical or paper-based and aim to improve the way teams work and collaborate either by defining new processes for creating better outcomes or by creating a specific outcome as their goal. We believe that physical products in the workplace support embodied cognition without becoming distracting and provide the fastest feedback loop in the simplest possible setting.

Planning and Estimation

Virtual Agile Ritual Cards For Remote Working
  • From £6.99
Estimation Poker Cards for Planning Poker - 6 Player deck
  • £9.99
Scrum Poker Cards for Planning Poker for Scrum Teams
  • From £5.99
T-Shirt sizing cards for Planning Poker
  • £6.99


Squad Health Check Card Deck
  • £7.99
Software Delivery Assessment Card deck by Matthew Skelton
  • £20.99
Richer Retrospectives by Laurence Wood
  • £14.99
The Retrospective Lexicon by Paul Goddard
  • £14.99

Threat Modeling

Elevation of Privilege (EoP) Threat Modeling Card Game
  • £18.99
Elevation of Privilege Threat Modeling Card Game - with PRIVACY
  • £24.99
OWASP Cornucopia Card Deck - Ecommerce Website Edition
  • £20.99
Threat Cards for Elevation of Privilege
  • £8.99


Daily Standup Game by Raluca Mitan and Rade Zivanovic
  • From £3.99
20 Kick-off question cards for a new scrum team
  • £7.99


Sailboat Retrospective Poster
  • £6.99
Kaizen Kataboard Poster
  • £6.99
Create your own Poster
  • From £3.57

Why is Planning Poker one of the most popular estimation techniques in agile and scrum teams?

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Raluca and Rade - Daily Standups

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Matthew Skelton - Conflux

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Pandemic Pivot? Prepare to Accelerate Estimation

Business leaders are getting ready to pivot their companies in new pandemic compatible directions. It is worth taking a moment to get ready for the inevitable flood of new planning, sizing, costing and estimating that is just around the corner.

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