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We know you like your stickies to stay flat

So we partnered with Stick'n to bring you the best. Our Pro Stickies combine Stickn's Square Adhesive technology to a design that works best on whiteboards. 

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Estimation Poker Cards for Planning Poker - 6 Player set
  • £10.99
  • £8.99

Game Cards

Elevation of Privilege Security Card Game
  • £18.99

Game Cards

Squad Health Check Card Deck - 8 Player set
  • £12.99

Game Cards

Pro Index Cards - Ruled (multi coloured A6 250 gsm)
  • £4.99



Stick Flat Pro Stickies with Square Adhesive
  • £5.99
  • £3.99


Kick-off question cards for a new scrum team
  • £7.99

Game Cards


Richer Retrospectives by Laurence Wood
  • £14.99
  • £12.99

The Pocket Scrum Guide
  • £4.00


Why is Planning Poker one of the most popular estimation techniques in agile / scrum teams?

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What are we talking about?

Can we cure the Daily with a Game? By Raluca Mitan and Rade Zivanovic

Some say YES, some say NO, I say give it a try and we’ll find out! The Daily (Stand-Up/Scrum) meeting is for us the most beautiful meeting in Scrum...

The agile box of tricks you need to open

Our team kit is a little box of lovely agile tools that we built to give you two things: a gift from product or leadership teams to make delivery ...

Talking Retrospectives with Laurence Wood

We have been helping Laurence Wood launch his new agile team game 'Richer Retrospectives'. Laurence has worked with consultancies Syngenta, Indigo ...

Playing Elevation of Privilege at Leeds Digital Festival

We took one of our best selling card games to play at Leeds Digital Festival - an open platform technology event billed as the largest digital fest...

The Cynefin A&E Game at the Agile Games Workshop

We were delighted to welcome an audience of agile practitioners to the offices of PwC to learn about the Cynefin framework and the A&E Game dev...

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We're getting together to talk about games, try them out, find new ones, and develop facilitation skills that beat the pack. Check out out Meetup Group

Our next meetup event is taking place on 28th November at PwC London where Emma Hopkinson-Spark will be playing the Agile101 Dungeons and Dragons Style Role Playing Game!