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How to play the Elevation of Privilege threat modeling card game? [transcript part 2]

In the second part of our transcript, Mark and Adam demonstrate how to play the game with worked examples. We loved how this part of their talk dre...

World Retrospective Day: Paul Goddard's Retrospective Lexicon

Event date: 26th March 2020 Venue: PwC London, 7 More London Riverside, London SE1 2RT Session will start at 6pm and finish at 715pm, after which...

How a speaker can work a crowd and energise their conference session

Anyone has who has been to more than one conference, or spoken at one, will remember some of the more awkward moments. These are especially awkward...

Scrum Poker finally reinvented for Scrum Teams

At Agile Stationery we trade in two variations of the game best known as Planning Poker. Today we are adding a third. We are calling it “Scrum Poke...

Agile 101 game does what it says on the tin

Our latest Meetup at PwC's London offices featured Emma Hopkinson-Spark's Agile 101 game. Emma is co-founder of 101 Ways, a 100 strong consultancy ...

Can your stickies stay flat?

One of the common problems we noticed in the office was sticky notes curling up and falling off the whiteboards. So we set on a mission to create something that did not curl up! Did we succeed?

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Estimation Poker Cards for Planning Poker - 6 Player set
  • £8.99

Game Cards

Elevation of Privilege (EoP) Threat Modeling Card Game
  • £17.99

Game Cards

Squad Health Check Card Deck - 6 Player set
  • £7.99

Game Cards


Stick Flat Pro Stickies with Square Adhesive (5 Pack)
  • £5.99
  • £2.99


Pro Index Cards - Ruled (multi coloured A6 250 gsm)
  • £4.99


Sold out

Richer Retrospectives by Laurence Wood
  • £14.99

Sold out

Kick-off question cards for a new scrum team
  • £7.99

Game Cards

The Pocket Scrum Guide
  • £4.00


Why is Planning Poker one of the most popular estimation techniques in agile / scrum teams?

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